The Buzludzha Monument

Pametnik na Buzludzha

The Buzludzha Monument (official name BCP Monument House) is the popular name of the largest ideological monument of the communist regime in Bulgaria. The object is included in the Shipka-Buzludzha National Park-Museum, which has been declared a historical and architectural reserve (SG, issue 97, 1978).

It was built in 1981 on the peak Hadji Dimitar, better known by its old name peak Buzludzha (until 1942), in honor of the Buzludzha Congress, held at the same place in 1891 The Bulgarian Social Democratic Party is established at the congress, for which the BCP and its successor BSP are considered successors. Buzludzha Peak and the Monument are a shrine for the Bulgarian communists until 1989.

The monument on Hadji Dimitar peak is being built near the Vatro Pole area (Uzana), considered the geographical center of the country. They are in the pentagon at the top of the pylon installed lighting fixtures with a power of 150 KW, and by design the light from them can can be seen from the Romanian bank of the Danube, and at night and in clear weather - from the bank of Byalo sea ​​in Aegean Thrace.

Asphalt roads from Shipka peak and from the main road Stara have been laid to the monument Zagora - Ruse in the section after Kazanlak. At the turnoff for the monument is raised high a full-length monument to Dimitar Blagoev.