Neolithic Housing Museum

Neolitni Zhilishta Stara Zagora

Neolithic Housing Museum was established in 1979. It can be seen 2 homes from the Neolithic Age on the territory of Stara Zagora. It is one of the Hundred National tourist site.

They are a house on two floors with a chimney and three separate rooms with a length of 10 m, width 5.60 m and height at least 7 m. They are made of wooden stakes, intertwined with thinner rods plastered with a mixture of clay and straw and a roof of straw and noise. Each of the premises had their own fireplace and a bedroom.

In the building of the museum are presented the remains of the two dwellings together with their full equipment - bread ovens, hand mills for grinding grain, ceramic vessels, etc. The museum has a permanent exhibition "Prehistoric Art in Stara Zagora region ”. According to experts from the Regional Historical Museum-Stara Zagora dwellings are from the VI millennium BC. and are the best preserved and with the richest inventory in Europe.

During the excavations of the settlement mound 1826 exhibits were discovered. They are found household utensils, tables, spoons, needles, spears, knives, grinders, barley, lentils and wheat, hand mills, carpenters, goat horn sickles and food ovens. They have been found also ceramic figures and vessels, marble human figures, of which the most ancient marble figure in the Bulgarian lands - a female figure with a massive lower part, which testifies to a cult of the Mother Goddess and fertility. Some of the idols discovered are depicted with raised hands, which is a characteristic prayer posture in the cult towards the sun.