Spring of Stara Zagora: Metropolitan Metodiy Kusev Park

ayazmo stara zagora

Established at the end of the XIX Park "Metropolitan Methodius Kusev" (more often called Ayazmoto)is located on an area of ​​3500 acres north of the city and has unique for Bulgaria tree species.

The park is named after its creator because of the tremendous effort and will that manifests to turn the bare hills above the city into a beautiful park. The alleys of the park are suitable place for walking, cycling, sports and hiking. Cool eco-trail leads to the greenest neighborhood of Stara Zagora - "Dabrava", nestled behind the green hills of Ayazmoto.

In front of the entrance to the park near the monument is a bas-relief of Metropolitan Kusev finds a fountain with a round shape and metal frogs on the periphery. 

The Stara Zagora Zoo is also located in the park.

Other landmarks are the Hall of Laughter, summer theater, sports complex Beroe, tennis courts, and badminton courts.
In the central part of Ayazmoto, among picturesque vegetation, is located the Orthodox Christian chapel "St. Theodore Tyrone ”, built on the site of ancient pagan sanctuary.


6004 Metropolitan Methodius Kusev, Stara Zagora